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Dashboard Series – Column Donut Chart

In our example, we have the manpower data for 14 years across 5 locations.

We have created 2 charts and a data table from the above data.

A scroll bar is used to regulate the years.As we click through the scroll bar the year selected will change.

Sliding towards the right will increase the years and clicking the left indicator will decrease the year.

Clicking the mid indicator (left or right) will also increase /decrease the value.

The resultant chart will be as below:

Donut Chart + Column Chart

We will also have a data table which will show the resultant year data in a tabular format.

Download Column Donut Chart

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Dashboard Series – Attrition – Using Gauge Chart

In our example, we have the data for attrition percent for certain years.

The chart has a combo box which has all our available years in a drop down.

In our Gauge chart we have three sections denoting three levels of attrition, Low, Moderate, and High.

Upon selecting the required year, the attrition % for that year is denoted by an indicator. The indicator points to the appropriate section of the Gauge Chart.











Download Chart Attrition_Gauge Chart