HR Dashboards

Guidelines for preparing Dashboards

  • What is the message you want to convey.
  • The intended message will determine your data selection.
  • Select your chart type basis your intended message.
    • Comparing Values
    • Trend over time
    • Relationship between values
    • Distribution of data
    • Part of a whole
  • Do not add irrelevant elements.
  • Use the same colour scheme throughout. ( If Profit is represented in Dark Green. Then use the same Green across all charts in the dashboard to represent Profit)

The Dashboard from an HR perspective include Headcount report, Gender Diversity, Attrition, Performance, Salary Costs, Recruitment TAT,Cost per Hire,Variance Analysis, New Joinee First Year Attrition etc.

One can use advanced excel formulas like Vlookup, Index Match, Offset , Sum product, Named Range etc to create dynamic excel charts.

E.g : Waterfall Chart, Bullet Chart, Scroll Bar Chart, Infographics Chart,Guage Chart,Chart in Chart, Option Button, Check Box,