Dashboard Series – Actual Vs Budget Chart

In our example we have the actual and budget values for a year. A positive scenario is when we are within budget and a negative scenario is when we are above budget.

  • Positive scenario: Green
  • Negative scenario: Red
  • Budget values : Light blue.

This chart can be used for situations like sales vs target, last month values vs current month values.

Download Chart_Actual_Budget

2 thoughts on “Dashboard Series – Actual Vs Budget Chart

  1. Thanks for post. Question ..should diviser to get variance percenate be “actual” instead of budget?

    On example for July with actual of 750 and budget of 646 formula would be :

    budget minus actual , variance: better(worse), variance % better (worse)

    646 budget – 750 actual = variance unfavorable (104),
    (104) variance divide by ÷ 750 actual = (13.87%) ??


    Appreciate feedbacks.

    • Hi,

      Apologies for late reply
      The formula is (Actual – Budget)/Budget

      So example
      Our Budgeted Cost for the project is 646
      We actually spent 750

      646 + (646*16%) = 750

      That is a 16% increase in the Cost. So it is not favorable as we have exceeded our cost. So we have incurred additional expenditure

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