Exit Process

When an employee terminates or resigns from a position within your department, you need to perform a number of tasks to ensure a smooth exit transition

There are many a times that despite the employee leaving the organization he still receives salary from the company or the employee has not retuned company assets like mobile, laptop etc.

This happens because the employee exits and handover process is no tracked. In many instances the employee submits his resignation to his reporting head, however the same is not forwarded the manager to the HR team. Due to this lack of communication, the HR is not aware of the employee’s exit and later an array of problems crop up.

Hence it is essential to lay down policies and guidelines for the exit process.

Automation of the above process can eliminate a lot of problems associated in employee exits.

  • All assets assigned to employee must be updated in the HRIS.
  • Employee must submit his resignation through the HRIS. This will be forwarded to his reporting manager and a copy of the same will go to the HR.
  • The handover checklist and clearances from all concerned department will all happen through the HRIS.

This reduces a ton of paper work involved and since the data is maintained electronically, it becomes easy when one needs to look at historic records.

Below is a flowchart for Employee Exit Management