Attrition % in a Bullet Chart

Bullet Charts is a variation of the bar chart developed by Stephen Few.

They are emerging as a strong alternative to Gauge Charts. It is used for analyzing whether a parameter score is poor, average, good or excellent. One can use it for determine employee engagement score, actual vs target, HR audit score etc.

For e.g

  • 0 – 30% = Poor
  • 31% -50% = Average
  • 51%-70% = Good
  • 71%-100% = Excellent

One must base the scales depending on requirement.

If you are measuring a performance score then a 75 % score is excellent. However if you measuring employee attrition then a score of 75% is very negative. Here your scales will be reversed where 0-30% will be a fair score. Therefore user must determine how the parameter would be measured.

Bullet charts in addition to the scales have an actual achievement and a target parameter associated with it.

However in our attrition chart we are using only the actual parameter to see in which scale our attrition percent lies.

Download -Bullet Chart

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