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Column Donut Chart

In our example, we have the manpower data for 14 years across 5 locations.

We have created 2 charts and a data table from the above data.

A scroll bar is used to regulate the years.As we click through the scroll bar the year selected will change.

Sliding towards the right will increase the years and clicking the left indicator will decrease the year.

Clicking the mid indicator (left or right) will also increase /decrease the value.

The resultant chart will be as below:

Donut Chart + Column Chart

We will also have a data table which will show the resultant year data in a tabular format.

Download Column Donut Chart

Butterfly / Tornado Chart

A Butterfly Chart (also called a Tornado chart) is used to compare two sets of data that have similar metrics. In this chart two bar charts are displayed side by side to analyse the difference between two data series and the data categories are listed vertically instead of the standard horizontal presentation.

It is called as butterfly since there is a gap in the centre which denotes the categories and the bars on either side resemble the wings of a butterfly.

As the bars on either side vary in length due to data values of the corresponding data series, it is also called Tornado chart.

The main use of the butterfly chart is comparison of two data sets sharing the same parameters.


  • Population Chart ( males vs females)
  • Survey Results (Yes vs No)
  • Product Sales ( Location A vs Location B)
  • Department Headcount ( Joinee vs Resignee)

In our example we are using the Butterfly Chart to denote the joiners / resignees across department.

Download Template Butterfly or Tornado Chart

Chart within Chart

We have a total value and the associated individual values.

E.g Total Employee Count = 1519

  • Delhi : 285
  • Mumbai :300
  • Chennai :351
  • Kolkotta :583

Here we plot the individual values (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkotta) inside a bar chart which represents the total.

Thus the total bar series encapsulates the individual values inside it.

Download File_ Chart In Chart

Actual Vs Budget Chart

In our example we have the actual and budget values for a year. A positive scenario is when we are within budget and a negative scenario is when we are above budget.

  • Positive scenario: Green
  • Negative scenario: Red
  • Budget values : Light blue.

This chart can be used for situations like sales vs target, last month values vs current month values.

Download Chart_Actual_Budget