Joining and Onboarding

Joining and Onboarding

When an employee joins an organization, it is imperative to provide the employee with a positive joining experience.

Hence it is essential that prior to a their joining, the induction / onboarding plan is prepared.

Office Administration

Prior to the employee joining, one has to complete the necessary seating arrangement, assignment of laptop/mobile/stationery.



Joining Formalities

When the employee joins the organization, it is essential to complete the joining docket. Some organization have system based joining process and others have paper based documentation.

Irrespective of the system which one uses the details required are same.

The Joining docket would have the below details and associated documentation

  • Personal details: Name, Address, DOB,
  • Family / Dependent Details
  • Educational Details
  • Prior Work Experience
  • Work References

All the above will be kept in the employee personal file. The employee personal file will include all letters/documents issued or associated with him/her during the course of their employment.

The Joining Docket would also have the Company Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy.

The email id ,emp code creation has to be completed. The employee has to be provided the details.

The employee needs to be educated about the company policies.

For E.g

  • Organization Structure
  • Recruitment
  • Joining
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Medical/Life Insurance
  • Grievance
  • Confidentiality
  • Exit Process

Team Introduction

The employee needs to be introduced to his team. This is done in alignment with his Manager. A buddy from his team is also identified who shall help and guide the new employee in his initial phase.

Training Plan          

The onboarding of the new employee shall include training session with various departments.

The plan should include details of the respective induction such as

  • Trainer Details (Name , Department ,Designation)
  • Induction Content ( What would be covered in the induction)
  • Date and Time of the respective induction
  • Induction Feedback

The induction plan should be shared with the new employee.

Download sample induction plan