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Infographics using Male Female Icons

Infographics is the use of  images/icons to represent your data. They help to capture the users attention and also give a creative feel to your data.Infographics in Excel Charts make it visually appealing .

For e.g : We have a data based on an employee engagement survey.

The employee engagement % values for men and women are shown.

The chart is good. It gives you the required information. But imagine a dashboard wherein you have multiple column charts and bar charts. This chart would be just another chart to the mix.

So to enhance your data representation you need to apply infographics.

Now what is infographics. It is showing of information via images.

So the same chart above using infographics is shown below.

The image fill amount is determined by the respective % values.

As the percent changes the image fill for the respective image as changes. See below

Download Template _Infographics_Employee Engagement

Employee Quarter Wise Headcount Using Option Charts

In a particular group of option buttons , only one of the option can be selected.

For E.g :  In Gender , we can select either Male or Female.

In our example, we are using the employee headcount for a year.

Upon selecting the required quarter, the data for that particular quarter is highlighted.

Download Chart_Option Button

When we select All option, all the quarters are shown in the same colour.